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About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring enthusiastic and dynamic learning as a means of nurturing lifelong love of knowledge in the minds of Nigerian children. We do not believe that a single curriculum or the lack thereof can address the learning needs of every child and whoever fails to “fit in” should be left behind. We want to inspire an atmosphere for all kinds of learners by providing strategies, tools, and the environment to support them at their level to achieve optimal success.

We are determined to uncover the challenges of literacy in today’s youth, we must remember that developing a dream is only the beginning to implementing the reality. Education is imperative in a child’s future endeavors..

Our Vision
Mind Investors visualizes a global community in which individuals with disabilities and learning difficulties are able to access education aligned and suited their needs.
Our Purpose
Mind Investors was born out of the need to bridge the gap in the education of individuals with learning difficulties. By using enthusiastic and dynamic strategies we are able to ignite and maintain a fierce desire of a lifelong love of education in young minds.


Established in 2012

by a concerned special education teacher. Mind Investors since inception has played a pivotal role in advocating, educating, and improving outcomes for students with disabilities and learning difficulties. At present, Mind Investors is relentlessly advocating for the inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in all aspects of society

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